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Professional Computer Repairs

Maintenance and repairs of computers and laptops in our computers shop in Orihuela in Spain.

Within our computer shop we have a professionally equipt workshop in which our qualified staff repair computers and laptops of all makes and brands in Spain. We'll fix your computer problems, asap!!

Our computer and laptop repairs cover:

  • general computer troubleshooting measures and repairs
  • data lost? immediate help! Specialists in data recovery service
  • hardware fault isolation tests and fixing
  • software fault isolation tests and removals
  • replacement of faulty hardware components
  • updating and/or upgrading of driver software
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8, also Windows 10 repairs & restores
  • Apple Macbook, iPad, IPod and iMac repairs
  • Antivirus scans and malware scans on personal data files and virus removals
  • Firewall installations and configurations to keep your computer safe from hackers
  • reinstallation of operating systems (mainly MS Windows Systems)
  • data backup and restore of customers personal data after fixing the pc
  • We also do Linux/Android installed devices!

We also repair laptop hardware:

  • broken laptop cases
  • damaged or cracked displays
  • faulty keyboard repairs or replacements
  • exchange of keyboard language layouts (Spanish keyboard to English, German, ...)
  • laptop battery and notebook battery replacements or exchange
  • renewal of faulty power supplies
  • repair of broken connectors on the back panel 
  • exchange or repair of broken harddisks or disk drives (CD/DVD-RW/Bluerays/etc.)
  • replacement of old hard discs or small harddisks for new hdd or large hard discs
  • all other cleaning, maintenance and repair measures

Smartphone repairs

  • broken display
  • damaged cases
  • replacements of most smart phones like Iphones and Ipads, Samsung Galaxy models, Android phones, Windows phones, Google phones and many more...

Our main concern is the clients personal data. We try to backup or extract all personal data before we reset the computer systems of faulty and broken down computers. After repairing the defective computers or laptops we restore the backed up data to the new or repaired PCs operating system so the client can resume working with his computer with all his data at his convenience afterwards.

Should you have a problem with your laptop just bring it into our shop and we'll give you a quote for the repair costs. When you leave your computer or notebook with us for repair or maintenance please be assured that we try our best to get it repaired as soon as possible. Should we need to replace a hardware component not in our stock we are relient to our hardware distributors and their time schedules for sending us the ordered components necessary for the repair of your computer. So we can not always foresee the exact repair time. But in most cases it's about 2 days. Anyway - most common spare parts are always in stock.

We're always interested in a successful repair and a satisfied customer. If you're happy, we're happy!


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